"D" is the graphic and provocative (in its obvious simplicity) title of this 25th album by Djavan; it doesn't need to be explained. Yes, it's the initial of the artist's name. A remarkable number for an album, 25, is kind of a special anniversary for the artist; along with his voice and lyrics, "D" perhaps proposes a game; it's an enigma: a style and an artistic thought to be deciphered in the songs.

Produced and arranged by Djavan - with wind drawings, intense use of percussion, and the use of the personal style of each musician that participated in the project - attesting to Djavan's maturity as an arranger - "D" is, above all, an impressive collection of songs, all with the author's unique mark. That is sinuous melodies, rich and surprising harmonies, a tour of different genres and rhythms, and on the contrary, without any loss of pop accent.

In fact, Djavan's 25th album bears this title at the same time that it is simple and enigmatic; Perhaps "D" here represents the continuity of an artist's work, the development of the many musical paths proposed by Djavan, and his constant search for novelties, from who started listening to music, still as a boy, in Maceió. An enigma that is deciphered song by song -  now, at the moment we listen to it for the first time; and to be listened to and deciphered forever.
Hugo Sukman

“The album is a proposal to happiness, the future, and hope.

I made an album trying to break the hegemony of obscurantism, of hopelessness.”

By Luanda Records

Artistic Direction Djavan
Production Djavan
Production Assistant Paulo Calasans

Executive Direction Suzy Martins
Production Assistant Cátia Dartora

Recorded and Mixed by Marcelo Sabóia at “Em Casa” Studio (Rio de Janeiro), between October/2021 and May/2022
Recording Assistant Sérgio Silva

Mastered by Greg Calbi & Steve Fallone at Sterling Sound, NJ

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