Ao Vivo

At his 25th anniversary of career, Djavan releases a DVD with his greatest hits recorded on the “Djavan Ao Vivo” tour. The DVD shows the singer´s performances in Rio de Janeiro, and at Parque Guell, in Barcelona, Spain, where the works of the catalan architect Antoní Gaudi are exhibited. The DVD also brings a few songs that were left out of the CD “Djavan Ao Vivo”, such as “Capim” and “Doidice”.

Among them, Djavan’s classics such as “Lilás”, “Açaí”, “Meu Bem Querer”, “Samurai”, “Faltando Um Pedaço”, “Álibi”, “Oceano”, “Eu Te Devoro” and “Se”. The bonus material includes an interview with the musician and three video clips – “Eu Te Devoro”, “Acelerou” and “Esquinas”.

Electric Guitars, Steel Guitars, Nylon Guitars and Vocals: João Castilho
Guitars, Steel Guitars, Nylon Guitars and Vocals: Max Viana
Contrabass and Vocals: André Vasconcellos
Drums: Carlos Bala
Keyboard: Paulo Calasans
Saxophone, Flute e Vocais: Marcelo Martins
Trompete, Flugelhorn e Vocais: Walmir Gil
Trombone e Vocais: François de Lima

Directed by: Oscar Rodrigues Alves
Directed and Written by: Djavan
Executive Producer: Mara Rabello

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