D Ao Vivo Maceió

Voice and guitar, his music at its essence, therefore, Djavan sings in front of a crowd of over 20 thousand people: "I was baptized in the chapel of the lighthouse, Matriz de Santa Rita, Maceió." He firmly establishes his roots, pointing out where he comes from — which speaks volumes about the past, but even more about present choices and future paths. Home, at last. That's the meaning that permeates "D: Ao Vivo em Maceió," an album that documents the tour of the album "D" — the initial of the artist's name, yet another symbolism marking the essential value of beginnings.

However, the sense of "home" that permeates the show is not singular. Because, beyond his hometown, there are many homes, origins, and dwellings that Djavan evokes on stage. The first, even before he takes the stage, speaks of our essence as a people, through the voice of one of its most illustrious representatives, Sonia Guajajara. At the opening of "D: Ao Vivo em Maceió," we hear the leader and minister of Indigenous Peoples reading a text of her own authorship, specially made for the tour: "We shout and echo reforestation, so that once and for all our right to life is conquered, based on nature and ancestry," says a passage.

Enlightened, finally. Djavan, after all, knows the importance of the return home movement.
Leonardo Lichote

“I have a deep love and immense gratitude for my city, for Maceió. It was there that I graduated, it was there that I encountered everything I needed to have a diverse education like my intuition and spirit desired. There I met jazz, R&B, flamenco music, northeastern music, Brazilian music... I shaped myself there.”

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