“Milagreiro” represents a double return to home. The first is a literal one as this is the first album he recorded at the professional studio he built in his own home and counts with the strong collaboration of his children reinforcing the homey mood. Max plays electric guitar, Flavia Virginia is present, once again, as a lyricist in “Infinitude” and, João Viana, his son, participates on the drums.

The second coming back is symbolic, the coming back to Alagoas. For this reason, in this album, there is a strong connection with the Northeast. From the photo essay by Miguel Rio Branco that illustrates the booklet to the poem by the Minas Gerais native, almost Northeastern, Adélia Prado, besides all the tracks, everything refers to the region.

A reminiscent atmosphere is also present in “Milagreiro” since many songs bring remembrances of Alagoas, the Northeast, childhood, the sea and the hinterland. The tracks “Om”, “Meu” and “Ladeirinha” express this very well.
Hugo Sukman
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