This is Djavan´s first album as an interpreter in 34 years of career. There are classics and also compositions connected to his emotional memory.

In the repertoire you´ll find songs such as “Palco” (written by Gilberto Gil), “Valsa Brasileira” (Edu Lobo and Chico Buarque), “Apoteose ao Samba” (Silas de Oliveira and Mano Décio) and “Fly Me To The Moon” by Bart Howard, immortalized in the voice of Frank Sinatra. One of the most beautiful lyrics and melodies from Cartola´s repertoire, Djavan reinvents “Disfarça e Chora”, just on the acoustic guitar. Caetano Veloso´s mantra, “Oração ao Tempo”, reappears full of subtle inventions with the extraordinary percussion of Marcos Suzano.

The album is unusual for its instrumental lineup, small and vigorous, but aesthetically liberating with Djavan´s acoustic guitar, Torcuato Mariano´s electric and acoustic guitar, the acoustic bass of André Vasconcellos, Marcos Suzano´s rich percussion and also the participation of Marcos Lobo and Leonardo Reis. The result: formal jazzy recordings, loose melodies, as if they were flying over rhythmic and harmonious bases.
Hugo Suckman
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