Coisa de Acender

“Coisa de Acender” is Djavan´s most partner oriented album. Here he initiates a partnership with Caetano Veloso that has been cherished for many years and seemed to have always existed.

The resulting “Linha do Equador” justifies the expectations. Caetano´s lyrics on Djavan´s melody sound like Djavan´s lyrics, full of unusual images describing love, composed in Caetano´s style, that is, full of references related to modernism and the tropicália.

A master of both lyrics and music, Djavan indulges in alternating collaborations sometimes with music like in “A Rota do Indivíduo (Ferrugem)”, some other times with lyrics as we can see in “Alívio”, his first partnership with bass player Arthur Maia.

Deepening his partnership with his daughter Flavia Virgina, who contributes in the vocals on many tracks, Djavan entrusted her with the French part of the lyrics for “Andaluz”, a song with Spanish influence and globalized spirit.

Among all of Djavan´s albums co-produced by American Ronnie Foster, perhaps “Coisa de Acender” is the one that is the most subtle and full of nuances. It goes from an ultra-pop song like “Se…, the big radio hit of the album, to the author´s incursion into Northeasthern musical challenges in “Violeiros”, treating the genre with uncommon harmonic depth.

“Coisa de Acender” is actually an album of love songs, better still, of trying to express love – the theme of 98% of the songs in the world – in an original way.

“Outono” and especially “Baile”, that gave the enigmatic album title, are as so, and reveal love from Djavan´s particular point of view.
Hugo Sukman
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