If “Novena” was a reflective, intimate, “private” CD, “Malásia” is its opposite: an outgoing, varied and extroverted album. So much so that, instead of just recording his own compositions, Djavan explores his talent as an interpreter and sings three masterpieces by different artists: “Coração Leviano”, one of the most beautiful sambas by Paulinho da Viola; “Sorri”, Braguinha´s Portuguese version of Charlie Chaplin´s “Smile”; and “Correnteza” a sublime rural theme by Tom Jobim and Luiz Bonfá, originally recorded for a TV series soundtrack.

For the first time, Djavan expands towards the strings, horns and percussion arrangements. The result is sheer extroversion that can be measured by the fluency of the opening song, a blues called “Que Foi My Love?”, or by the northeastern fluency of “Seca”, one of Djavan´s most sophisticated songs ever.
Hugo Sukman
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